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NBA All Star selection process

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One thing we do know about the NBA All Star game is that it’s hyped. And how is it hyped? Through advertising, advertising and advertising.  So much money is spent that the NBA has to some how recoup some of its costs. This year is even more obvious that the past. Just look at where they’re holding the event–Cowboy Stadium. One estimate in the Sports Business Daily lists the maximum capacity as potentially over 100,000 people with the standing room only section.

Boston Celtics guard, Ray Allen, raised the interesting question, why do the fans vote for the starters in the NBA All Star game? This year poses some glaring issues to the current system. No disrespect to Tracy McGrady or Allen Iverson, but they’ve barely played and are clearly undeserving of All Star appearances this season. An AP story points out that though “unwanted by their teams, Iverson and McGrady are still adored by their fans, who still consider them stars even though their stats say otherwise.”

Many people answer this question the same way former New York Knick coach Isiah Thomas and current Charlotte coach Larry Brown do, voting certain players in based on their career achievements and giving them on last All Star appearance as some sort of a curtain call.

“I’ve seen Willie Mays and those older guys start based on what they’ve done in their career in baseball, and we’ve had that happen in basketball for years, guys that have made a contribution,” Brown said. “That’s why the fans are involved, and I think it’s kind of neat that they are involved. They support the league, they vote for their favorite players. I always look at a guy’s body of work.”

Allen, however, is not arguing to completely take the fans out of the equation, saying “I like the fact that the fans get the opportunity to vote and pick who they’d like to see in the All-Star Game, but I don’t think it should be 100 percent.”

Yao Ming is an interesting case to follow.  He was the #1 draft pick in 2002 and was voted as a starter to his first five All Star games. Consequently, he was elected as a starter by fan voting. Well, there are over 1 billion Chinese people and he is a national icon. Now I’m not saying he was undeserving for most of them, but he was injured in 2007. It’s not his fault he was elected, and to commend Ming, since he was injured he gave up his spot.

The NBA says vote early and vote often.  So if  you want to keep the current trend of American Idol voting going, don’t wait because today is the last day to cast your vote !


Written by lhpious

January 18, 2010 at 2:53 pm

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  1. Solution? Coaches/players vote for who participates in the All-star game and then the fans vote for the starters. Sounds good to me.


    January 21, 2010 at 6:35 pm

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