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UMass Comes to Town

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Historic Matthews Arena was the venue for #18 UMass v Northeastern men’s hockey game Saturday night. Robbie Vrolk scored the first Husky goal just 5:43 into the first period. Michael Marcou tied the game up for UMass just over ten minutes later, and the first period would end 1-1.

The Huskies picked it up in the second period and never looked back. With goals from: Wade MacLeod (who scored twice), Kyle Kraemer, a second from Vrolyk, and Jake Newton, Northeastern went on to a comfortable 6-3 victory.


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February 14, 2010 at 12:02 pm

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From Vancouver With Love

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Rarely do events capture the entire world’s attention. Most often, and unfortunately so, it’s a tragedy, like the most recent disaster in Haiti. But, every so often, there are those occasions that celebrate unity, individuality, and pride in a way that can only be described as a celebration–the Olympics.

This year, Vancouver, British Columbia has the fortune of sharing it’s city to the world as it plays host to the 2010 Winter Olympics.

The job of an opening ceremony is to showcase the idealistic morals and ethical beliefs of the host city and country through an interpretive mean of  communication while simultaneously captivating a truly global audience. And for Canada and Vancouver, last night’s opening ceremony was simply put, absolutely spectacular.

I have never had the opportunity to see my city play host to an international event like this. In my lifetime, the Olympics were held in the U.S. just twice: Atlanta (1996), Salt Lake City (2002), and the World Cup (USA 1994). Now while there were soccer games held in my home town of Los Angeles, the tournament is given to a country, rather than a specific city so I didn’t have the opportunity to see my city showcased to the world.

I know this is a very self-centered perception, but I have an immense amount of pride in where I come from. I am proud to be an American, a Californian, and a Southern Californian at that, but I also love traveling and experiencing the culture and customs of other cities and countries across the globe.

Last night, while watching the ceremony I thought of my friend Emma, a Vancouver, B.C. native and wondered how she felt. Being that I’m such an enormous sports fan, and the Olympics especially, I sent her this text:

“You have an absolutely beautiful city. I don’t know if you feel proud that your city is hosting the world but I am proud for you. Everything seems to be absolutely amazing. Congrats!”

She was proud. In fact, she responded saying so adding, “I’m a bit home sick.”

So from the pages of my blog to you Vancouver: Congratulations! I hope for this, the 21st Winter Olympics, you know  so far, you been tremendously successfully at captivating the world with your opening ceremony. On this Valentines Day weekend, your goal was “To Inspire the World,” well you have.  Good luck the rest of the way and God Bless Canada!

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February 13, 2010 at 10:32 am

The Video Blogger

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Steve Garfield--Boston video blogger

Steve Garfield has been doing the video blog from its inception. He realized that people had insightful blogs up but there were no “moving pictures,” as they so eloquently called them in the Old West. Garfield decided in 2004 that he would be that guy.

Garfield is one of the forefathers in video blogging because he followed his passion. He had a radio job from 3:30-9:00 a.m. and then worked in a marketing firm to pay the bills but continued to log his experiences through video. His passionate persitence of following what he loved has finally paid off.

“I did very simple things. I told people what I did. I told them how I did that. And with video, I was able to also show them,” Garfield said.

Garfield has just come out with a book, Get Seen, which is available for purchase now at Amazon.com.

One resonating piece of advice was to buy your name. It’s so common to have your work sliced up and the viewers won’t be able to get back to you, he said.

“I always start my video with, Hello, I’m Steve Garfield from Stevegarfield.com. That way people know where they can go and find my stuff,” he said.

Things have changed so much since Garfield began video blogging. Now, it is not that hard for any regular person to get their stuff seen. Using CNN as his example, Garfield illustrated that all you have to do is upload your information onto their website and you’ve got a chance of having your video appear on CNN.

With over 19,000 followers on twitter, Garfield has incorporated live streaming videos to his already extensive repertoire of reporting. Using the website qik.com, Garfield uses his iPhone to stream live from whatever event he is covering.

“You have the device to shoot your video in your pocket all the time. You can take a video and send it to youtube from your iPhone,” he said.


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February 8, 2010 at 9:04 pm

Adapting to the .com

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Jennifer Lord Paluzzi had no qualms with how the news business was changing. In fact, while she was the Sunday editor at Milford Daily News and the Sunday editor/Health reporter at MetroWest Daily News Paluzzi jumped at every chance she had to learn the new technology. “I volunteered to learn all the new ways of journalism. I knew I had to start thinking about plan B.”

For Paluzzi, plan B came when she was laid off as the the the Sunday editor for the Metro West Daily News. Knowing she didn’t want to go into the P.R. world and work for a hospital (because that was her beat), Paluzzi decided to take her “new media” skills and dedicated her time to her blog, which eventually turned into Thedailygrafton.com.

“If you have to write for your own paper, just create your own online paper,” said Paluzzi.

Paluzzi’s ambition continued to develop when people in neighboring towns saw the Grafton web site and indicated they wanted something similar for themselves. This process happened a few more times and has led to the creation of five additional local news web sites, Centralmassnews.com.

Paluzzi and her group have been able to continue to hire journalists at a time when every other news corporations are getting rid of their writers. Her vision and motivation has tapped into a niche market that is profitable! You do not have to subscribe for online content, and the profits come from local advertising. The key word being local.

There are enough local business that want a way to communicate with the communities they service. This local web site gives those business owners the ability to identify their customers based on geography because they can advertise on their own town’s web site and, if they choose, a neighboring one as well.

According to Paluzzi, this economic model works for smaller towns. That does not, however, mean that it cannot work for large cities like Boston. “You would just need a different economic approach,” she says. “You need to focus on your audience,” and you will see

Paluzzi continues to blog and focus on the different forums of new media, like facebook, twitter and youtube, demonstrating the fact that if you want to be successful as a modern journalist, you must utilize the modern mediums.

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February 5, 2010 at 1:58 pm

Campus Pics

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Some great shots taken by yours truly from around the campus I’ve grown to love…even in the freezing cold!

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February 3, 2010 at 3:58 pm

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A Different Tactic

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Stephanie Miller is trying to develop a community. Miller is the Director of Digital Media at WBZ and it is her vision that the station is banking on to create a new generation of viewers loyal to their station.

She is using a method known as crowd sourcing, which is basically gathering enormous public opinion and using that to drive the decision making process. “Ultimately, it needs to be about reflecting the moods, the needs, and the advocacy of your community,” she said.

Miller used Apple as an example of a goal she wishes to achieve with her station because, Apple has created brand loyalty and people will buy their products regardless of what that product may be simply because they are loyal to the company.

With new tag lines like, “This is your news,” and “We want to hear from you,” WBZ has began its newest venture: Declare Your Curiosity. This, Miller hopes, will create an increase in viewership and create new loyal customers because this station can become their station.

The curiosity campaign asks viewers various questions such as: What bugs you? What is on your mind? What makes you curious?  The answers to these questions go into a database which allows WBZ to figure out what people are curious about and helps the station decide what stories to spend their money on.

This new is in it’s infant stages, but is yielding results, Miller says.  There are “over 6,000 independent users” declaring their curiosity. “All we’ve asked people to do is tell us what’s on their mind,” said Miller.

This is a very data driven approach but it does seem to be working. WBZ identifies the most popular demographic so far, with respect to taking advantage of this new way of communication is the 28-47 range. The key, says Miller, is to find a way to tap into the 18-35 year-old’s.

Maybe it’s with facebook, twitter, an iPhone , youtube, or something completely different, but nevertheless, that illusive mode of communication, will be the gold mine that gives one station an enormous market advantage.


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February 2, 2010 at 3:05 pm