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Stephanie Miller is trying to develop a community. Miller is the Director of Digital Media at WBZ and it is her vision that the station is banking on to create a new generation of viewers loyal to their station.

She is using a method known as crowd sourcing, which is basically gathering enormous public opinion and using that to drive the decision making process. “Ultimately, it needs to be about reflecting the moods, the needs, and the advocacy of your community,” she said.

Miller used Apple as an example of a goal she wishes to achieve with her station because, Apple has created brand loyalty and people will buy their products regardless of what that product may be simply because they are loyal to the company.

With new tag lines like, “This is your news,” and “We want to hear from you,” WBZ has began its newest venture: Declare Your Curiosity. This, Miller hopes, will create an increase in viewership and create new loyal customers because this station can become their station.

The curiosity campaign asks viewers various questions such as: What bugs you? What is on your mind? What makes you curious?  The answers to these questions go into a database which allows WBZ to figure out what people are curious about and helps the station decide what stories to spend their money on.

This new is in it’s infant stages, but is yielding results, Miller says.  There are “over 6,000 independent users” declaring their curiosity. “All we’ve asked people to do is tell us what’s on their mind,” said Miller.

This is a very data driven approach but it does seem to be working. WBZ identifies the most popular demographic so far, with respect to taking advantage of this new way of communication is the 28-47 range. The key, says Miller, is to find a way to tap into the 18-35 year-old’s.

Maybe it’s with facebook, twitter, an iPhone , youtube, or something completely different, but nevertheless, that illusive mode of communication, will be the gold mine that gives one station an enormous market advantage.



Written by lhpious

February 2, 2010 at 3:05 pm

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  1. Thanks for listening. We look forward to getting there.
    Stephanie Miller


    February 4, 2010 at 11:23 pm

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