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Jennifer Lord Paluzzi had no qualms with how the news business was changing. In fact, while she was the Sunday editor at Milford Daily News and the Sunday editor/Health reporter at MetroWest Daily News Paluzzi jumped at every chance she had to learn the new technology. “I volunteered to learn all the new ways of journalism. I knew I had to start thinking about plan B.”

For Paluzzi, plan B came when she was laid off as the the the Sunday editor for the Metro West Daily News. Knowing she didn’t want to go into the P.R. world and work for a hospital (because that was her beat), Paluzzi decided to take her “new media” skills and dedicated her time to her blog, which eventually turned into Thedailygrafton.com.

“If you have to write for your own paper, just create your own online paper,” said Paluzzi.

Paluzzi’s ambition continued to develop when people in neighboring towns saw the Grafton web site and indicated they wanted something similar for themselves. This process happened a few more times and has led to the creation of five additional local news web sites, Centralmassnews.com.

Paluzzi and her group have been able to continue to hire journalists at a time when every other news corporations are getting rid of their writers. Her vision and motivation has tapped into a niche market that is profitable! You do not have to subscribe for online content, and the profits come from local advertising. The key word being local.

There are enough local business that want a way to communicate with the communities they service. This local web site gives those business owners the ability to identify their customers based on geography because they can advertise on their own town’s web site and, if they choose, a neighboring one as well.

According to Paluzzi, this economic model works for smaller towns. That does not, however, mean that it cannot work for large cities like Boston. “You would just need a different economic approach,” she says. “You need to focus on your audience,” and you will see

Paluzzi continues to blog and focus on the different forums of new media, like facebook, twitter and youtube, demonstrating the fact that if you want to be successful as a modern journalist, you must utilize the modern mediums.


Written by lhpious

February 5, 2010 at 1:58 pm

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