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Steve Garfield--Boston video blogger

Steve Garfield has been doing the video blog from its inception. He realized that people had insightful blogs up but there were no “moving pictures,” as they so eloquently called them in the Old West. Garfield decided in 2004 that he would be that guy.

Garfield is one of the forefathers in video blogging because he followed his passion. He had a radio job from 3:30-9:00 a.m. and then worked in a marketing firm to pay the bills but continued to log his experiences through video. His passionate persitence of following what he loved has finally paid off.

“I did very simple things. I told people what I did. I told them how I did that. And with video, I was able to also show them,” Garfield said.

Garfield has just come out with a book, Get Seen, which is available for purchase now at Amazon.com.

One resonating piece of advice was to buy your name. It’s so common to have your work sliced up and the viewers won’t be able to get back to you, he said.

“I always start my video with, Hello, I’m Steve Garfield from Stevegarfield.com. That way people know where they can go and find my stuff,” he said.

Things have changed so much since Garfield began video blogging. Now, it is not that hard for any regular person to get their stuff seen. Using CNN as his example, Garfield illustrated that all you have to do is upload your information onto their website and you’ve got a chance of having your video appear on CNN.

With over 19,000 followers on twitter, Garfield has incorporated live streaming videos to his already extensive repertoire of reporting. Using the website qik.com, Garfield uses his iPhone to stream live from whatever event he is covering.

“You have the device to shoot your video in your pocket all the time. You can take a video and send it to youtube from your iPhone,” he said.



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February 8, 2010 at 9:04 pm

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