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Rarely do events capture the entire world’s attention. Most often, and unfortunately so, it’s a tragedy, like the most recent disaster in Haiti. But, every so often, there are those occasions that celebrate unity, individuality, and pride in a way that can only be described as a celebration–the Olympics.

This year, Vancouver, British Columbia has the fortune of sharing it’s city to the world as it plays host to the 2010 Winter Olympics.

The job of an opening ceremony is to showcase the idealistic morals and ethical beliefs of the host city and country through an interpretive mean of  communication while simultaneously captivating a truly global audience. And for Canada and Vancouver, last night’s opening ceremony was simply put, absolutely spectacular.

I have never had the opportunity to see my city play host to an international event like this. In my lifetime, the Olympics were held in the U.S. just twice: Atlanta (1996), Salt Lake City (2002), and the World Cup (USA 1994). Now while there were soccer games held in my home town of Los Angeles, the tournament is given to a country, rather than a specific city so I didn’t have the opportunity to see my city showcased to the world.

I know this is a very self-centered perception, but I have an immense amount of pride in where I come from. I am proud to be an American, a Californian, and a Southern Californian at that, but I also love traveling and experiencing the culture and customs of other cities and countries across the globe.

Last night, while watching the ceremony I thought of my friend Emma, a Vancouver, B.C. native and wondered how she felt. Being that I’m such an enormous sports fan, and the Olympics especially, I sent her this text:

“You have an absolutely beautiful city. I don’t know if you feel proud that your city is hosting the world but I am proud for you. Everything seems to be absolutely amazing. Congrats!”

She was proud. In fact, she responded saying so adding, “I’m a bit home sick.”

So from the pages of my blog to you Vancouver: Congratulations! I hope for this, the 21st Winter Olympics, you know  so far, you been tremendously successfully at captivating the world with your opening ceremony. On this Valentines Day weekend, your goal was “To Inspire the World,” well you have.  Good luck the rest of the way and God Bless Canada!


Written by lhpious

February 13, 2010 at 10:32 am

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