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My Reinventing the News class had the good fortune of going on a field trip last Wednesday to the headquarters of GlobalPost, an online news agency who has reporters all over the world reporting on what’s going on in those international locations. Naturally, since this was my first field trip since my sophomore year of high school, I was excited.

Charles Sennott, the executive editor of GlobalPost.com spoke to us about his vision and how he got this project rolling. One important factor that he stress was how important it is to have people stationed all over the world. It seemed as though he has the perception, which I completely agree with, that the best news is local news because the people doing the reporting are reporting on what’s going on in their own backyard. Taking this concept with an international news agency simply means inserting your journalists in the mix and converting them into locals.

They have a wonderful study abroad link where students studying abroad act as the local reporters on various issues. Zoe Schlag, a Tufts University student studying in Valparaiso, Chile wrote about the earthquake and the ensuing tsunami threats while she’s abroad.

For me, however, I wish there were more sports covered. There is a sports page, but that only comes once you scroll your mouse over the “Beats” tab and then select “Sports” in the drop down menu. I would think that in gauging what’s going on in a foreign city, sports would be more, well, just more. When I was abroad in Madrid, Spain, I spend a ton of Euro’s (which means, unfortunately, more dollars) attending soccer games because: one it’s my favorite sport, but two because it’s the most popular sport in Spain and it was the best way to become more of a local.

After reading a few articles, it’s clearly obvious that this tactic is working. The ability to go into extreme detail only comes as a result of an individual’s comfort with their surroundings and can only manifest after time spent living and experiencing the local culture.

In their in depth examination of the Taliban, Sennott along with renowned photographer Seamus Murphy and  GlobalPost’s local reporters, composed an exquisite piece titled, “Life, death and the Taliban,” which is comprised on audio, video, and several articles examining the rise and history of the Taliban, along with the current status of power the militant group has today. The amount of material they published shows an immense breadth of knowledge and days if not weeks of field work necessary to create such a masterpiece.

A word of caution, however, is that GlobalPost is only for those extremely interested in what’s going on around the world. Because of the manpower and region they wish to cover (the entire planet), GlobalPost has an immense amount of content on its website. Also, when you have an interest in a certain topic or issue, there are not only several articles, but several long articles on a given subject.

This website is not your quick headlines and lead paragraphs so you can make believe you know what’s going on. To appreciate what they do, you need to budget time into your schedule, but after consuming their product, you will be informed, and in today’s age where everything has some sort of global component, that’s really not a bad thing.


Written by lhpious

March 14, 2010 at 3:32 pm

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