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In class this week we were lucky enough to have a member from NewsTrust, Mike LaBonte,  come and speak to our class. NewsTrust is a web site that links its users / visitors to news articles from all sorts of publications around the globe. The beauty of this web site is that there are reviews written about every article linked as well as comments.

One thing that I really like about NewsTrust is that they rate their reviewers. If you are new to the site, like I am, the reviews I make are not weighted as heavily as those done by others who have been members for longer and reviewed more articles. This way the other users can gauge the reviews made by certain individuals–after all, some people are always extremely cynical and their reviews should be taken with a grain of salt, but there are also those who always give everything high marks, and news consumers should be aware of that as well.

Each NewsTrust user creates their own personal profile where you can see all the articles they’ve reviewed. I’ve found, that after looking at “My Profile,” I’m generally easy with my reviews of articles.

For me, however, NewsTrust just doesn’t do it. I prefer to read an article and then I automatically have my own feelings about what I’ve just read. This site is all about sharing one’s personal opinion on the journalism of a particular story or news outlet–and I don’t care for that.

I also did not like the content on NewsTrust–there is no variety in the articles. Everything, in my opinion, is political. I’m much more into sports or some other form of entertainment, NewsTrst has just five subjects: World, U.S., Politics, Business, and Science / Technology. Out of those five, I would say I’m interested in the United States and World issues, and that’s it. Then, instead of sifting through people’s comments to find one that may be credible, I would look to someone I already know and trust regarding that issue and ask them their opinions based on the facts of an article.

Perhaps I’m too cocky or arrogant, but I feel as though the time I’ve spent as a journalism student has taught me what is or isn’t good journalism and why an article lacks substance or sufficient proof. I don’t need a site to tell me what the truth is or what is missing from a given piece.


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April 9, 2010 at 11:41 pm

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