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What’s to Come at ESPN

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Well, a little more than a month ago I was fortunate enough to receive a summer internship with ESPN. I’ll be here in Connecticut working at their headquarters in Bristol for the next 10 weeks in the International Department. From what I know so far, I’ll be helping with the production for the Australia/New Zealand and Europe Sports Center. I’ll try to keep everybody updated with what’s going on at the Worldwide Leader and hopefully give some interesting stories along the way as well as my opinions on what’s going on in the sports world.

So far, here are some of my first impressions:

  1. Hartford, CT is vacant. Today was the first time I saw over 50 people. Definitely different from Los Angeles and Boston.
  2. There are no out-door basketball courts in this city.
  3. You can walk through the entire city (a state capital mind you), in less than 20 minutes.
  4. The people here are really cool.

Sports-wise, it’s crackin’. The NBA finals are set, Los Angeles v. Boston in a 2008 rematch, the French Open is going on, Le Tour de France, Wimbledon and most importantly the World Cup are on their ways. This summer will definitely be one to remember!


Written by lhpious

June 1, 2010 at 3:38 pm

Mapping Journalism

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When incorporating multimedia into today’s journalism, a new tool is now easily available to journalists–mapping. The most contemporary aspect of mapping locations today is being used on peoples mobile devices, namely cell phones. Google Maps has created an application for the iPhone, among other devices which gives an individual the ability use this GPS technology wherever they go.

As consumers of this new technology, we can really enjoy some great benefits. If you’re the person who is always getting lost, now you won’t be. Another ability of these maps is to show a plotted course and help an individual understand where people have been and where they’re going. This Tour de France map from 2008 is a perfect example of how the map can have information attached. Just place your curser over the numbers indicating the stage and a little window pops up telling you the stage winner, overall leader, and a link to an article about that stage and the Tour so far.

In today’s era of “I want everything now,” this mapping technology helps people get to where they want with greater speed. This mapping ability also comes with links to your desired destination. If you, for example want to find coffee in and around Northeastern University, then there’s a map for that as well. With these maps, you can just click on the icon where the coffee shop is and then you’ll get some handy information, like the address, hours, and the price for a medium coffee.

One you’ve found your desired destination, you can even get directions to the location. Mapping poses so many benefits that it’s strange to think that this technology can possibly have any negatives. However, sometimes the information you receive is a bit confusing to understand and may be a bit misleading. Election maps that show “red states” and “blue state” will depict which way the state went, but it the overall image may be much more of one color when that color doesn’t even win. This 2008 presidential election map is a perfect example of how even though many states voted one way, to make a map like that may be misleading.


Written by lhpious

March 26, 2010 at 8:57 am